What used to be a small private company when was founded in October 2001, Bio Hutanea has now grown to become a well-known medium scale enterprise in Indonesia. Starting as a tree improvement consultant of 2 foreign companies, Korindo Group and Finnantara Intiga, Bio Hutanea then went into forestry seedlings business a year after its founding.  Two small modern nurseries as an initial company's seedlings production facilities was built in Bogor, West Java and Bajuin, South Kalimantan.

Bio Hutanea continue to diversify its business line by commencing Nursery Construction Division in 2004 when appointed by Indonesian Ministry of Forestry to renovated one of their large nursery located in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. At the same time, the same institution also appointed Bio Hutanea to provide more than 15 millions forestry seedlings to be used in their land rehabilitation program namely Gerakan Nasional Rehabilitasi Hutan & Lahan (GNRHL).

With the increasing awareness of the importance of use of superior genetically seedlings in every planting program in Indonesia, both implemented by the government, private company or even by the farmers, Bio Hutanea is convinced that there will be the increasing demand of this product in the near future. In order to anticipate this dynamic development of seedlings market, in 2008 the company decided to built and developed its first tissue culture laboratory in Cimanggis, Depok. Bio Hutanea realized that by implementing of an efficient and high-tech tissue culture reproduction system, the company will be able to provide the best quality seedlings in large quantity in a short time at a reasonable price.  Tissue culture seedlings business is become the core business of Bio Hutanea and since 2013 up to now the company has been developing and operating 3 modern tissue culture laboratories and nurseries one each in Cimanggis (Depok), Parung (Bogor) and Bajuin (South Kalimantan) with total production capacity of more than 3 millions tissue culture seedlings per year.

In the field of design & build  business, Bio Hutanea is very proud to have been entrusted by Indonesian Ministry of Forestry as their designer and builder of their 11 large modern nurseries throughout Indonesia in 2011 .  And in 2013 the company has proudly been appointed by Kayan Patria Pratama Group to design and construct the world's largest rubber tree seedling nursery in East Kalimantan.    


Bio Hutanea has been developing an efficient tissue culture reproduction method to multiply superior genotype of teak, sengon, jabon merah, jabon putih, eaglewood, bananas and potatoes.

Personnel and technician under construction division of Bio Hutanea commonly have background as nursery specialist and tisuue culturist, resulting in every nursery we built has always been and will meet what customer needs

Bio Hutanea has been developing association and alliances with numerous other solution-oriented professionals dedicated to the same sound business principles.  Our staff and associated professionals are valued practitioners with expertise in forest, oil palm plantation and resource management issues

In the sector of consulting business line, to be able to provide wider range of services, Bio Hutanea have been developing association and alliances with numerous other solution-oriented professionals dedicated to the same sound business principles. Since the beginning it was founding up to current time, Bio Hutanea always keep its kind track record and credibility to meet the highest level of the customers satisfactory.  Nowaday, it has been many large oil palm and timber plantation companies appointing Bio Hutanea as their consultant.

As a part of our ultimate goal of being Number One in Indonesia in every single unique business the company in, we are at Bio Hutanea committing to continually improve our skill, knowledge and technology by developing ourself innovative best practices base on our own experience.  And by allowing the customers to access this best practice data-base as our additional free of charge services, Bio Hutanea hope that he can inspire his valued customers to gain their success.

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