Consulting Division of BIO HUTANEA Corp. is an embryo of the company itself. Bio Hutanea start its operation in October 2001 by providing clonal forestry consultancy program for Korindo Group (Korean Company), followed by the same consultancy matter for Finnantara Intiga (Finnish Company) in 2002.  Year after year, Bio Hutanea continues to develop himself and gradually built up an excellent understanding of important keys affecting oil palm and timber plantation business in Indonesia.  Not rarely the company receive consultancy order from various oil palm and timber plantation companies in Indonesia.  And by the middle of 2009, the company has been challenged when appointed by one of the major tin mining company in Bangka Belitung to help them in managing their timber plantation business.  Since that time, Bio Hutanea always been appointed by this group enterprise to manage almost all of their forestry and agricultural business.

Bio Hutanea streamlined operation ensures effective pricing.  Clients can receive on going progress report, consultations, and recommendations and can be continually provided updated operational solutions.

Bio Hutanea has been developing association and alliances with numerous other solution-oriented professionals dedicated to the same sound business principles. Our staff and associated professionals are valued practitioners with expertise in forest, oil palm plantation and resource management issues.  These resource professionals include foresters, agronomist, biologist, geoscientists, arhaelogists, accredited timber cruiser and forest technicians, and experienced administrative support staff.


Bio Hutanea takes up the task of developing and maintaining the good relation between our clients with forestry autorithies as well as with other gevernmental body both locally or nationally, to ensure achievement of our client goals i.e. to be the land concession holder in Indonesia.


We help the investors who want to acquire oil palm or timber plantation company by providing them an accurate data and current market price indication which is generated through a fair due-diligent and appraisal process.


Composing of business plan and feasibility study
Land use planning and species site selection
Oil palm and timber plantation management
Development of modern nursery and clonal propagation
Assessment and evaluation of land fertility and fertilization
Development of land preparation procedure
Evaluation and recommendation of pest and disease control
Development of plantation inventory system and harvesting
Mapping and geographic information system
Tree improvement and breeding program

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